Selling A Business

Cemo Business covers every aspect of the selling process and offers guidance along the way. As one of Florida’s premier business brokers you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

The Value of Our Service

Cemo Business is one of Florida's premier business brokers. Our client centric approach is proven to yield results by utilizing our expertise, marketing methods, and expansive network.

Owner, Robert Cemovich, uses his years of experience both domestically and internationally to craft the perfect deal. He has successfully guided many sellers to lucrative exits. As both an attorney and business owner himself, there are few people more qualified to guide you in the sales process. 

Robert’s experience combined with the team of professionals he has put together is what sets Cemo Business apart. The Cemo Business team has expertise in business development, user experience, and marketing. Selling your business is a big decision, so why not use a service that is designed around you? We structure our process entirely around the needs of our client and their potential deal.

Get eyes on your business to ensure that you maximize all those years of hard work and sacrifice.

Our Process

1. Analyze

The first thing we do when preparing to sell your business is analyze. We go over your operation, finances, market potential, and trends to develop your business profile. All of this information is utilized to represent your company in the most buyer friendly way possible.

2. Structure the Sale

The goal of structuring the sale is to determine the optimal price range to list your business. We want you to be happy with the price while also presenting an attractive investment opportunity to potential buyers. A combination of solid facts, current market conditions, projected growth, revenue potential, and recent industry comparable sales are all factored into determining your list price. Robert Cemovich is experienced in business valuations and will utilize proven techniques to ensure that your price is fair and appropriate for current market conditions.

3. Network the Sale

During the selling process we consistently utilize our expansive network of investors and strategic buyers to confidentially present your opportunity. This combined with Sunbelt’s ranking as the highest producer of business sales globally ensures you’re business is in good hands.

5. Control Information

We control the flow of information to guarantee that only serious and qualified buyers are able to gain access to the details of your company. All buyers are pre-qualified and required to sign an NDA before receiving any sensitive information concerning the sale.

6. Qualify Buyers

Due to our network and marketing efforts we routinely attract a large amount of prospective buyers. It is our job to then qualify them to ensure that you only meet and negotiate with the most qualified individuals. We group buyers based off their ability to financially meet the listing price. From there we begin to set up negotiations. 

7. Negotiate

A calculated negotiation is crucial for achieving your best price and terms of the deal. Robert Cemovich has decades of experience negotiating deals in multiple industries both nationally and internationally. He has been involved in negotiations from the main street market all the way up to multinational government land deals. This makes him supremely qualified to ensure that you get the absolute best deal possible when selling your business. 

8. Due Diligence Support

Finding the right buyer is only part of it, getting them to close is a crucial and detailed process that requires a large degree of due diligence. We guide and support the deal by working with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and third parties involved in the transaction. 

9. Prep Documents & Close

We help manage all of the administrative procedures, lease assignments, inventory, and licenses.

Your Confidentiality Is Our Highest Concern

Confidentiality is priority number 1. As a business owner myself I understand the importance of privacy in this important decision making process. Here at Cemo Business we do everything possible to respect and maintain your confidentiality throughout.

– Robert Cemovich

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