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Title Companies

Experts In Selling Florida Title Companies

Cemo Business is a top choice for buying and selling title companies. Whether you’re an investor looking for a secure industry or an owner looking to sell your title business, our team is far and away the most experienced. 

Owner Robert Cemovich has a vast amount of national and international experience, serving as Program Director for Stewart Title’s Eastern European division, as well as owning a Title Company himself. Additionally, his legal practice primarily represents clients in real estate litigation. All of this makes him supremely qualified in handling the sales and acquisitions of Title Insurance businesses.

Robert and the Cemo Business team have had a great deal of success in this area, achieving impressive purchase prices and routinely showing the ability to attract high value investors. For more information on why Cemo Business is the #1 choice when looking to buy or sell a Title Company, please take a look at some of our case studies.

Take a look at some of our case studies

Discover why Robert Cemovich and his team have been so successful.

Industry Leader in Digital

Digital & Ecommerce Companies

Today many businesses function entirely online, with that comes a similar yet different set of challenges. The potential to both scale and automate makes a digital business appealing for those looking to buy or sell. We here at Cemo Business understand this space well and are a leader nationally in the brokerage of online businesses.


We cover a wide array of specialties in one of Florida's biggest industries
with a focus on HVAC and Roofing businesses across the state



The HVAC industry in Florida is strong. We currently have investors looking for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies.



Due to climate and population growth, the roofing industry is a lock for those looking to exit and acquire a business. There is also a great deal of success in commercial mergers.

Auto Repair Shop, Garage, Workshop, Working, Car


Automotive businesses are a part of the economy that most families and individuals use every single day. Our team is experienced and will assist you based on your financial goals. Within the industry there are opportunities for both offensive and defensive business moves. 

Some specific areas we focus on are: auto repair, paint and body, new/used auto parts, auto salvage, and windshield repair.


Our local Sunbelt Clearwater office has a proven record of selling medical billing companies.

Robert Cemovich’s extensive professional background makes him a good fit for handling the sale and acquisition of medical companies. The transition of businesses in this industry can be a delicate process and requires a skilled negotiator. Robert’s experience negotiating international deals combined with his time spent as an attorney makes him supremely qualified to handle the sale and acquisition of medical companies in Florida. 

Here at Cemo Business we focus on a variety of healthcare businesses. Some of which include: Private Medical Practices, Rehab Facilities, and Dental Practices.

Service Industry

Service industry businesses are a large focus of ours
Some Cemo Business favorites are landscaping, food and beverage, property management, and restaurants

hand with rubber hammer install paving block


Landscaping businesses can be a consistent source of revenue. They provide a wide range of options, from small business residential to the commercial market.

Pool cleaner during his work. Cleaning robot for cleaning the botton of swimming pools.

Pool Service

A reasonable investment with an established book of business. Pool service businesses can be a great option for investors, especially for first time individual buyers.

Property Management

Property Management

A good choice for investors. Whether you’re looking for secure income or the opportunity to expand your book of business, consider a property management company.

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